March 15, 2010

Assorted Links

Experience Economy – T.V. Edition    NY Times:
    "But something more powerful, and probably less intimate than having a laugh with your pals, is under way. The act of typing is an intellectual one and     creates a distance on the part of the viewer: social media lets us pretend we're not wallowing in low culture."
    "You are not just watching something. You are taking ownership of it by writing about it," said Michael Hirschorn, a former VH1 executive who now has his     own production company. "And television is responding in its own way. A show like 'The Bachelor' is clearly produced to generate opinions, pro and con.     It's sort of stupid in a very smart way, purposefully deadpan, made to provoke people."

Experience Economy – Bookstore Edition
    From Seth Godin:
    "But independent bookstores can leverage their historical advantage: organizing and leading tribes of people who are focused and motivated to engage     with each other and buy (yes, buy) books (from you!). Serving coffee isn't the answer. Creating a coffeehouse culture where ideas spread virally is."

Airlines digressing to unbundled fares

    "Both the airlines and mobile phone companies ensure comparison shopping difficult. In absence of easily comparable items it is nearly impossible to     predict what the total cost would be to the consumer. Choosing under these circumstances means we are making a decision under manufactured     uncertainty, which leads consumers to fall back on our (often) imperfect heuristics. Of course, this is exactly want the airlines and mobile phone     companies want because they have a better idea about how your brain will make decisions than you do and can use this to their advantage. "

Healthcare innovations via HBR: interesting most are process innovations not medical innovations

Southwest Battle Cry!


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