March 9, 2010

Can Custodians Make Magic?

If they work for Disney they can:

Embedded video above

Certainly Disney is the poster child of allowing all it employees  cast members to be involved in creating the guest experience.   From the perspective of the Service Profit Chain, allowing custodial staff to be involved in the magic that is Disney improves the employee's satisfaction with their job which leads to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately profitability.  No longer do they just sweep up trash, but instead they can create a piece of art on the ground and greet guests as they arrive the park. 

I recently took a class of MBA students to tour a Renaissance Hotel in New Jersey.  Renaissance is a part of the Marriott brands of hotels and feels that is has become indistinguishable from the a full service Marriott.  So, they are re-branding themselves as a "Life Style" brand.  Part of this includes changing the language and the job titles that are normally given.  Instead of housekeepers they have "Room Stylists."  Hopefully for them, this change is more than just semantics, but might actually allow housekeeping staff to feel a greater part of the customer experience.

Do you have any other examples of service employees whose role is usually quiet and not noticed by customers who have been able to see their value in experience creation?  Make a comment.

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