June 28, 2010

Singapore Airlines Sensory Branding

On my reading list is "Sensory Branding" by Martin Lindstrom.    From Farnam Street:

"Singapore airlines is the pinnacle of sensory branding and offers a full scale assault on our brains. Like any other airline, Singapore airlines employs common consistent visual themes. Unlike other airlines the company incorporates the same scent, Stefan Floridian Waters, in the perfume worn by flight attendants, in their hot towels, and other elements of their service. Flight attendants must be physically attractive and wear uniforms made from fine silk which incorporates elements of the cabin decor. The airline strives to make every customer interaction both appealing, and, equally important, consistent from encounter to encounter. It's no wonder the airline is perennially at the top of travelers' preference rankings."

 What marketing people like Lindstrim might consider "branding", operations management might consider "design" and service design.

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