October 9, 2010

Random Links

Is it staged or is it not, who cares Cebu Airline flight attendants jam in the aisles:  read more here 

Is Mexico City really this cool or is this a case of letting photographers create unrealistic expectations.

Is China posed to take on outsourced services

      From Forbes :
China’s scale--and the number of potential outsourcing cities and service providers to choose from--offers huge opportunity for the market ahead of its competitor nations. Organizations are able to source multiple suppliers within one country, which reduces their dependence on a single location or supplier. It has a large domestic market, a government that invests heavily in infrastructure and a large pool of graduates that form the workforce. It offers good logistics operations, in addition to competitive wages. It does now need to shift from manufacturing into services, in order to maintain its competitive edge. Its main consumers in Europe and the US are purchasing less and this means their importance to China will lessen as its economy continues to expand. There will be less opportunity to sell its goods to overseas markets. This will equate to steady volume growth, while margins continue to fall and investment in factories and equipment will decline. Hence the need to shift its focus to services.

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